Enoteca Monza Pizzeria Moderna: New summer menu launch party! (Downtown)

Restaurant: Enoteca Monza Pizzeria Moderna
Event: New Summer Menu Launch Party, by Frenzr
Restaurant type: Italian, pizzeria, pasta, 4@7 Mondays through Thursdays, kids menu, gluten-free options, family-sized portions available
Prices: $7-$28 entrées, $14-$37 mains

Date: Wednesday July 11th 2018
Table of: 9
My favorite dish: gnocchi romano

Back in July, I had the great pleasure of attending Monza’s New Summer Menu Launch Party event, organized by the talented team at Frenzr! I chose to bring my friend Leila as a plus one and also got to hang out with a bunch of my fellow foodie friends who were invited as well.

From the get go, we were given three drinks coupons to try some of the delicious summer cocktails: the Midori melon spritz, the Melon sangria and the Jim Beam real lemonade. I only had two of the three on offer (as I was driving) and found them sweet and refreshing; just how I like them! There was also a pasta bar, serving up some delicious gnocchi romano and penne gamberi; both were excellent, rich, creamy and savoury.

Later on, we moved on up to the upper floor for a private sampling of Monza’s new summer menu. We got to taste the tagliatelle daniella (tagliatelle in a creamy sauce with grilled chicken and mushrooms), the funghi e cipolla pizza (mushroom and caramelized onions pizza), the Italian sausage and red peppers pizza, a garden salad and some Nutella pizza to finish the night right.

Everything was very good, but the portions were a bit on the small side (9 people shared 2 savoury pizzas, 1 pasta and 1 salad). I also would have liked to have a clear indication of what was part of the new summer menu with full ingredient descriptions, as I had to go browse through the website to figure parts out myself. However, we did have a great evening, filled with lots of delicious Italian food, cocktails, wines and Nutella pizza! We even got a goodie bag to go home, with some homemade tomato sauce (can’t wait to try it!) and a gift certificate for a next visit to Monza 🙂 A big thank you to Monza and Frenzr for the wonderful evening!

Monza (2018)
Cheers! (2018)
Midori melon spritz (2018)
Melon sangria (2018)
Pasta bar (2018)
Pasta bar (2018)
Penne gamberi & Gnocchi romano (2018)
Monza (2018)
Creamy mushroom and grilled chicken tagliatelle (2018)
Mushroom and caramelized onions pizza (2018)
Italian sausage and red peppers pizza (2018)
Nutella pizza (2018)

UP NEXT: my restaurant review of Nouilles de Lan Zhou (delicious hand-pulled noodles in Chinatown)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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