Posher Restaurant: delicious and beautiful sushi bar in CDN

Restaurant: Posher Restaurant
Event: Posher Media Night by Eleven Waves
Restaurant type: sushi bar, poké bowls, cocktails
Prices: $3.95-$18.95 entrées, $4.29-$15.95 sushis, $10.95-$16.95 poké bowls, $42.99+ for combo menus for 2, lunch specials, platters specials

Date: Tuesday June 12th 2018
Table of: 2
My favorite dish: Sushi platter

I had the pleasure of dining at Posher a few weeks ago, during their Media Night, organized by the guys at Eleven Waves. Posher is located on Côte-des-neiges, pretty close to the HEC Decelles building and the CDN Metro Station. I loved the look and decor of the place, as it reminded me of one of my favorite Montreal bars, Big in Japan Bar (if you haven’t been, check it out!). There were beautiful long wooden bars all over and little terrariums hanging; super cute. I also got to see a few fellow foodie friends and catch up, which is always nice 🙂

Posher (2018)

For the evening, we had 3 menu options for 2: Maki Night, Sashimi Plateaux or POKE. Alex and I opted for the Maki Night, as we prefer a variety of mixed sushi as opposed to just sashimi or just poké bowls. Each option came with 2 cocktails or sake, 2 miso soups, and then the dessert of the day. On our Make Night platter there were: salmon Kamakaze, California rolls, Giant Salmon, Green Dragon, Posher Maki and avocado sushi.

Miso soup (2018)
Miso soup (2018)

First up was the miso soup, which was good and tasted like all of the other miso soups I’ve ever had; nothing out of the ordinary. I think it could be interesting to do something different and to spice it up a little.

Smurf & Pink Lady (2018)
Pink Lady (2018)

After our soups, our drinks arrived. I chose the Pink Lady with dark rum, vodka, strawberry purée, simple syrup, lemon and lemon-lime soda, and Alex chose the Smurf, with Blue Curaçao, vodka, simple syrup, lemon-lime soda, berries and rosemary. Both were very good, strong, fruity and sweet; overall well balanced. I particularly enjoyed mine as you could taste the fresh strawberry purée which made the drink even better.

Maki Night platter (2018)
Maki Night platter (2018)
Maki Night platter (2018)
Posher maki (2018)

Next, our Maki Night platter arrived and what a sight for sore eyes! Definitely one of the most beautiful sushi platters I’ve ever received. I think presentation should play a huge role in restaurants nowadays, not just because of Instagram but because people eat with their eyes first anyways and Posher definitely did not disappoint on this account. The sushi were all very good, fresh, somewhat of a “classic” selection. I loved the Posher specials, which were a tad fruity and sweet, a very nice combination which went very well with the other ingredients. The portion was also quite enormous and we couldn’t finish it all, so we had some leftovers to take home 🙂

chocolate mousse with mango and strawberry purée (2018)
chocolate mousse with mango and strawberry purée (2018)

For dessert, we enjoyed a chocolate mousse with mango and strawberry purée, which was very good. The chocolate mousse was nice and chocolatey and the mango and strawberry purée were a delicious addition to the mousse; a perfect way to end the night!

Overall, we had a great time at Posher and enjoyed some delicious sushis and cocktails. I recommend Posher to anyone who is in the neighbourhood and on the lookout for a sushi fix! Posher will surely satisfy your sushi cravings with one of their many menu options 🙂

Maki Night platter (2018)
Maki Night platter (2018)
Maki Night platter (2018)
Maki Night platter (2018)
chocolate mousse with mango and strawberry purée (2018)

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*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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