Ristorante Quattro: delicious and authentic Italian food in Old Montreal

Restaurant: Ristorante Quattro
Restaurant type: Italian
Prices: $6-$22 entrées, $26-$65 mains

Date: Monday May 21st 2018
My favorite dish: burrata + lamb shank

I had the pleasure of dining at Ristorante Quattro as their guest, on a quiet Victoria Day Weekend Monday evening. The restaurant is located in the heart of Old Montreal on Notre-Dame, very close to many local attractions like the Basilica, the Old Port, Marché Bonsecours and many other restaurants and bars. Ristorante Quattro serves many authentic and traditional Italian dishes, such as: gnocchi, seafood risotto, meatballs, arancini, grilled veal chops, braised lamb shank and many more.

Bruschetta (2018)
Bruschetta (2018)

To begin the evening, we along with all of the other guests were served an entrée of Bruschetta, which was very good and refreshing. A great way to start the dinner! I always appreciate it when restaurants give little treats like these to their clients, I find its a very nice touch.

Burrata, prosciutto, tomatoes (2018)
Burrata, prosciutto, tomatoes (2018)

As a special of the evening, we were informed that they had just received a shipment of fresh burrata cheese from Italy and thus we had to go with that entrée! The Burrata, wrapped in prosciutto and served with slices of tomatoes was truly excellent; one of my favorite cheeses. Its so smooth on the outside and creamy and silky smooth on the inside. Be careful though, as this delicious burrata is only flown in all the way from Murcia, Italy, every second week! So when they do arrive, make sure to get them while they’re hot (or well in this case, cold). To accompany our entrées, we chose a glass of Prosecco of the day, which was the perfect choice.

Squid ink seafood cavatelli (2018)
Squid ink seafood cavatelli (2018)
Squid ink seafood cavatelli (2018)

For my main, I hesitated between the homemade cavatelli with speck, porcini and a white wine sauce and the seafood risotto. So, I left it up to Pierluigi to make something special for me and thus I received one of his creations: Squid ink seafood cavatelli, which represents his love of seafood, squid ink and homemade pasta. This dish was very good dish and full of flavour. The cavatelli were very good, the seafood was fresh, delicious and full of flavour, as was the sauce. To make things even better, even though you’re not supposed to, I added a bit of parmesan cheese to my pasta!

Lamb shank with pomodoro fettucine (2018)
Lamb shank with pomodoro fettucine (2018)

Alex on the other hand opted for a meat dish: the Lamb shank with pomodoro fettucine. We both loved this dish, as the lamb shank was absolutely delicious and excellent. The cook was perfect and the porto sauce was divine. The meat just fell off the bone and it was juicy, moist and full of flavour. The homemade fettucine was also very good; I loved the tomato sauce on it which was perfectly balanced and also, even better with some added parmesan cheese.

Chocolate soufflé, homemade pistachio ice cream & tiramisu (2018)

To finish off a wonderful meal, we opted for 2 desserts. The first was a Chocolate soufflé with homemade pistachio ice cream, which was an amazing dessert; one of the best chocolate desserts I’ve ever had. The soufflé was flaky and a touch crispy on the outside, with beautiful, warm and oozing chocolate on the inside; a real treat. The homemade pistachio ice cream was also very good, flavourful and full of chunks of pistachios, but it could have been a bit creamier to my liking.

We also ordered the Tiramisu, which was very good; a great traditional Italian dessert. There was lots of yummy whipped cream, topped over some coffee soaked cake. However, the cake to whipped cream ratio could have been larger (i.e. more cake please).

Overall, we had a great and delicious meal at Ristorante Quattro. Everything we ate was executed and prepared to perfection, like any great homemade Italian meal should be! Although the burrata was my favorite, because it was so perfect and delicious, the lamb shank was a very close second. I highly recommend Ristorante Quattro to all Italian food lovers, looking for a delicious, authentic and traditional Italian meal in a beautifully decorated restaurant in Old Montreal. Buon appetito!

Ristorante Quattro (2018)
Ristorante Quattro (2018)
Ristorante Quattro (2018)
Ristorante Quattro (2018)

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*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and comments are mine

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