Belon: the new seafood hotspot downtown!

Restaurant: Belon
Event: Le printemps commence au Belon – 5@7 VIP Media Event
Restaurant type: seafood, oyster bar, fancy, 5@7, terrasse
Prices: 5$-29$ dishes

Date: Thursday May 17th 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Belon’s “Le printemps commence au Belon – 5@7 VIP” media event, as one of their many guests. Formerly known as Notkins, Belon also features a 95% seafood menu (excluding desserts, of course) and boasts a beautifully decorated space downtown/in Old Montreal (just off of Berri and René-Lévesque). The cuisine is said to be “Early Coastal American” (not sure what that means) and features dishes like: crispy calamari, clam chowder, tuna tataki, fish tacos, surf n’ turf and of course, oysters! The majority, if not all, seafood is sustainable which is a great plus.

Because this was a media event, bubbles and wines were offered to all. I opted to stick with bubbles throughout my evening there, as the white wine on offer was Chardonnay and no me gusta (I don’t like it). I quite enjoyed the Famiglia Zonin Prosecco, which only costs $15.60 at the SAQ and so I would definitely purchase it for my own personal comsumption.

Of course, because Belon is an oyster bar first and foremost, they featured a variety of different kinds of oysters from all around the globe. I got to taste most of them, like the famous Belon oyster from France, which had a very distinct taste and coppery finish; definitely interesting, but I definitely prefer your more “typical” oysters 😉

Many platters of food also went around, with all sorts of bouchées, like: tempura shrimp, lobster bites, crab bites, steamed mussels with chimmichurri and lobster BLT – All were delicious!

I would love to come back to Belon for a romantic, seafood-filled date night and try many of their mouthwatering dishes. The steamed mussels and clams in a lobster broth, the lobster bisque (one of my favorite dishes!) and their clam bake seem particularly interesting and appetizing! Belon is also the perfect spot for a 5@7 with colleagues or friends, which you can enjoy at one of their beautiful and long bars, or outside on their terrasse.

Belon (2018)
Belon (2018)
Famiglia Zonin Prosecco (2018)
Oysters! (2018)
Belon oysters (2018)
Lobster, shrimp and crab bites (2018)
Steamed mussels with chimmichurri (2018)
Lobster BLT (2018)

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*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos and opinions are mine

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