Tandoori Mahal: La Grande Dégustation Indienne

Restaurant: Tandoori Mahal
Event: La Grande Dégustation Indienne
Date: Wednesday March 28th 2018
Table of: 15+
My favorite dish: tandoori salmon

I had the pleasure of eating at Tandoori Mahal, as their guest for their La Grande Dégustation Indienne media event. Tandoori Mahal is an Indian restaurant located on Bélanger, between Papineau and Christophe-Colomb, specialized in Punjab cuisine from Northern India (just like Sugar Sammy!). Their dishes are rich in flavours and include many vegetarian dishes. Northern Indian cuisine offers a nice contrast to Southern Indian dishes, which are typically spicier and include a lot of coconut.

Tandoori Mahal (2018)
Tandoori Mahal (2018)
Tandoori Mahal (2018)
Tandoori Mahal (2018)
Tandoori Mahal (2018)

First off, I’d like to say how much I loved Tandoori Mahal’s decor; it was so pretty, vibrant and exotic. It reminded me a lot of other restaurants you see a lot on Instagram like LOV and Mandy’s, because of the exotic wallpapers and the huge white wickerwork chairs. They even have a private room, which is where we dined, which offers coffee-table height dining and little poufs for a more exotic dining experience. This room is perfect for private bookings and dégustations, where you and your guests can enjoy a La Grande Dégustation Indienne dining experience in a private setting, starting at just $20 per person.

Welcome cocktail (2018)

To start off the evening, we were welcomed with an Indian cocktail; a very exotic cocktail made of rum Leela, spicy rum, cardamom and cumin. I really liked this drink, as it was nice and refreshing and very different. The subtle flavours of cumin, which I’ve never had in a drink before, gave it a nice and exotic touch.

Homemade naan bread (2018)

We were then showed the kitchen, where one of the chefs was making homemade naan bread in a very particular oven, which was very cool. The bread basically cooks on the walls of the oven, until it is ready.

Channa Samosa: samosa with chick peas, curry and mint sauce (2018)
Channa Samosa: samosa with chick peas, curry and mint sauce (2018)

Afterwards, we were showed to the beautiful private dining room for the continuation of our La Grande Dégustation Indienne dining experience. First up on the menu was Channa Samosa: samosa with chick peas, curry and mint sauce. This was basically a deconstructed samosa, which was a unique and different way of serving this very traditional item. It was very good and came along with a huge explosion of flavours in my mouth, that I am not all too familiar with. I loved the crunchy bits of the samosa dough, the delicious potato filling, the slightly crunchy chick peas, the smooth yogurt sauce and the bits of raw red onions.

La grande dégustation indienne platter: Salmon Tikka, Spicy Lamb Vindaloo, Tikka Tandoori Chicken, white rice, cauliflower and potatoes & Gulab Jaman (2018)
La grande dégustation indienne platter: Salmon Tikka, Spicy Lamb Vindaloo, Tikka Tandoori Chicken, white rice, cauliflower and potatoes & Gulab Jaman (2018)
La grande dégustation indienne platters & naan bread (2018)

Next up, was the La Grande Dégustation Indienne platter, full of delicious Indian food. My favorite was the Salmon Tikka, which was just wow. I hate cooked salmon but this salmon, cooked in a tandoori oven, was just amazing. The flavours were so good, the texture was nice and flaky, the spices were delicious and the salmon was only slightly fishy. If I hadn’t known it was salmon, I may not have guessed that it was.

I also really enjoyed the Spicy Lamb Vindaloo, which was very tender and full of flavour. It was a tad spicy, which I love and full of delicious sauce that went very well with the rice and the homemade naan bread. As well, I liked that the meat wasn’t too gamey, which is sometimes the case with lamb; it almost tasted like beef.

The third protein on the platter was a Tikka Tandoori Chicken; also cooked in a Tandoori oven. I really like the seasoning and the flavours of this chicken, but I found the meat a bit dry. With that said, the taste was very good.

The platter also included a bowl of white rice, along with a bowl of cauliflower and potatoes. The cauliflower and potatoes were very good and I loved the seasoning they had as well. And the rice was perfect to soak up all of that lamb vindaloo sauce. And of course, the delicious homemade naan bread was the perfect accompaniment to all of these dishes.

Lastly, there was a Gulab Jaman, which is like a small Tim Bit soaked in a homemade syrup. I found the Gulab Jaman good, although a bit soggy to my liking. I would have preferred a crispier doughnut and perhaps less sauce.

I chose to accompany my meal with a glass of Masi Modello Delle Venezie, which went very well with everything I ate.

I had a great time at Tandoori Mahal, learning about Indian food and culture and of course, testing it out for myself. It was also nice to be able to meet a bunch of other fellow foodies and bloggers and seeing some new friends again! A special thank you to Tommy from Le Cuisinomane for inviting me and to Tandoori Mahal for the excellent tasting platter. As I said, I don’t often eat Indian food and perhaps I should more often!

La grande dégustation indienne (2018)
Tandoori Mahal (2018)

UP NEXT: my restaurant guest review of Parma Café (Delicious Italian café downtown)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos are mine

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