Turquoise Blog’s Foodies & Bloggers Dinner at Le Serpent: excellent Italian food and impeccable service

Rabbit tart, foie gras & burrata (2018)
Mafaldine, linguini & ravioli (2018)
Duck, pork & lobster (2018)
Salute, Speranza, La Belle et la Bête & Felicità (2018)

Restaurant: Le Serpent
Date: Friday March 23rd 2018
Table of: 5
My favorite dish: Ricotta ravioli with truffles

A couple weeks ago, I hosted my first ever foodies dinner at Le Serpent. The idea came from a conversation I had with another foodie on Instagram, which made me realize, why not give it a go and meet some other fellow bloggers and foodies? While enjoying some excellent food and wine of course! I chose Le Serpent, as I had heard excellent reviews and had always wanted to try it (it was one of many restaurants on my to-do list). Plus, they serve Italian food, so how could we go wrong? As well, one of the owners of Le Serpent also co-owns Le Filet, which I love.

After messaging about a dozen Instagrammers, we ended up being five foodies at the table: myself @elisebgravel, Tommy @lecuisinomane, Victor @randomcuisine, Tina @tipana and Rachel @greedyinmontreal.

Turquoise Blog’s Foodies Dinner at Le Serpent (2018)
Turquoise Blog’s Foodies Dinner at Le Serpent (2018)
Tommy and Victor hard at work

Because we were so many and we all wanted to try so many different plates, we were able to order almost everything off the menu and taste so many dishes. As well, our very generous hosts added a few more dishes to our meal throughout the evening (thank you!) beginning with a delicious glass of rosé.

Before I get to the food, I just want to talk about the space for a bit. Having never been before, I was a bit confused when I arrived, as you wouldn’t necessarily think there’s a restaurant where Le Serpent is located. But, once you walk in, you’re welcomed by a very large industrial style restaurant, with high ceilings and glass windows. Le Serpent is the definition of industrial chic, with its beautiful decor, lots of metallic touches and its immense bar. What I liked most about Le Serpent was that they managed to turn an industrial space not only into a beautiful restaurant, but also a very warm and welcoming one too. There was nothing cold about this place (except for the cold weather still pestering us outside). The ambiance was great too, very lively especially later at night. Our reservation was for 8pm and we stayed till just before 11pm and it was still packed and noisy.

Homemade focaccia (2018)

Ok, let’s continue to the food! With the help of our very nice and knowledgeable waitress, we chose: 3 entrées, 3 pasta dishes, 3 mains and 4 desserts. And yes, I most definitely had a food coma at the end (Rachel almost had to roll me to the car!).

Rabbit tart with porcini, smoked gouda and caramelized onions (2018)

First up was the entrées. My favorite entrée was the Rabbit tart with porcini, smoked gouda and caramelized onions. Everything about this entrée was excellent; it was one of my favorites of the night. The tart was crispy and rich, the rabbit very good and well seasoned. All of the flavours and textures went together so well.

Burrata, beef carpaccio, broccoli, eggplant and Espelette (2018)

The second entrée we chose was the Burrata, beef carpaccio, broccoli, eggplant and Espelette. Although the quality of th eburrata was excellent,there was something sweet about this dish which we all agreed we didn’t really enjoy, as it didn’t align very well with the overall dish. I also thought there was a lot of things happening with this dish; too many different components that didn’t exactly go well together and I couldn’t taste the carpaccio.

Foie gras with coffee crumble, peanuts, buckthorn berry and bacon with toasted brioche (2018)

As a gift, we received a third entrée, the Foie gras with coffee crumble, peanuts, buckthorn berry and bacon with toasted brioche. I really enjoyed this entrée, as the foie gras was very good, especially on the pain brioché. It was very nice and smooth and went well with the accompanying ingredients.

Burrata, rabbit tart and foie gras (2018)
Ricotta ravioli with truffles (2018)

For round two, we chose three pasta dishes. By this point, everyone was staring bizarrely at us while we were taking our photos lol. My favorite dish of the night was (obviously) a pasta dish, the Ricotta ravioli with truffles. This dish is not on their regular menu, as truffles aren’t necessarily readily available at all times, but it was so delicious. I had just eaten truffles for the first time the previous weekend and didn’t love them, so I was a bit skeptic with this dish, but the way the truffles were grated into very small and thin pieces was perfect. Perhaps the quality was better too. In any case, the taste was incredible and I loved this dish.

Linguini wth speck, almonds, cauliflower and a truffle brunoise (2018)

The second pasta dish we chose was the Linguini wth speck, almonds, cauliflower and a truffle brunoise. I also found this dish very good, another close favorite. I really liked the creamy sauce the linguini were tossed in. When you read the ingredients like speck, almonds and cauliflower, it seems like an odd mix of ingredients, but they were very well prepared and all the flavours were great together.

Mafaldine with braised boar, tomato and ricotta (2018)

Last up was the Mafaldine with braised boar, tomato and ricotta. This pasta dish was also very good and simple, like a more traditional pasta dish. There was a very good balance between the ingredients and both the braised boar and the tomato sauce were delicious.

Mafaldine, ravioli & linguini (2018)
Lobster risotto with yellow beet, basil and mascarpone (2018)

Round three began with my highly anticipated Lobster risotto with yellow beet, basil and mascarpone. I was really looking forward to this dish, as I love risotto and lobster, but it  didn’t quite meet my expectations. Although it was good, in terms of my preferences, the rice was a bit undercooked and the dish tasted a lot like cheese which I do love, but I would have hoped for it to taste more like lobster. With that said, the lobster portion was very generous, with an abundance of pieces of lobster meat.

Pork jowl with squash, quince, shitake, cipollini onions and mustard (2018)

The second meat course we chose was the Pork jowl with squash, quince, shitake, cipollini onions and mustard. I found this dish very good and it reminded us all of pork belly. The meat was juicy, tender and fatty but in a good way and went very well with the accompanying components of the dish. A great combination of textures and flavours!

Grilled duck with spelt, salsify, chesnut, elderberry, black garlic and swiss chard (2018)

We also received the Grilled duck with spelt, salsify, chesnut, elderberry, black garlic and swiss chard as another gift. This dish was also very good and although we hadn’t originally chosen this dish, I was very pleased with it. I really liked liked the taste and the cook of the meat (medium-rare) and like the pork, I found that it went well with the other ingredients that were served with it. Another perfect combination of flavours and textures!

Lobster, duck, pork (2018)

vBwXzYdaTU2a0vojl0H0nA_thumb_39e9For the desserts service, as I think the majority of us were quite full, we only ordered two. First up was the Salute: a Masami style tiramisu with fresh espresso poured all over it by our waitress. This dessert was very good, with a delicious coffee taste. Although it was a deconstructed tiramisu, it tasted great and was as light and delicate as any other tiramisu.

Speranza: a Lemon tart with clementine cake, cream cheese and grapefruit jelly (2018)

It was a tough decision to make, as there were so many delicious sounding desserts on the menu, but we ended going for something light like the Speranza: a Lemon tart with clementine cake, cream cheese and grapefruit jelly. I really liked this dessert and for the first time, I didn’t taste the cheese in this dessert (I don’t normally like cheese in desserts). It was very refreshing and light and provided a a very nice balance between the sweet lemon tart and the acidity of the grapefruit. The perfect way to end such a heavy and delicious meal!

Felicità: a Chocolate cake with hazelnut, vanilla cream and chocolate ice cream (2018)

As more gifts, we received two more desserts. The first was the Felicità: a Chocolate cake with hazelnut, vanilla cream and chocolate ice cream which paired up very well with the tiramisu. I found this dessert very good and the quality was on par with pastries and desserts you would find in a high quality pastry shop.

La Belle et la Bête: a Maple pudding with biscuit Breton with olives and compressed apple (2018)

Last but not least, there was La Belle et la Bête: a Maple pudding with biscuit Breton with olives and compressed apple. This was one dessert on the list I had crossed out from the beginning but I was very pleasantly surprised by it. The maple pudding was so creamy and smooth and delicious. I love maple flavour, especially in dessert, so this dessert really hit the spot. It was also quite sweet but there was some fleur de sel to smooth out the sweetness of the maple.

Salute, Speranza, Felicità & La Belle et la Bête (2018)

To accompany my meal, I chose a glass of Korsic Friulino, which was very good. I would definitely drink it again.

Overall, we had an amazing experience at Le Serpent. The service was impeccable, the food was decadent and the company was top. What more could you ask for? I have my own criteria when it comes to reviewing restaurants, which I also use on my Instagram account (@elisebgravel). It’s very simple, there are only three points: the quality of the food (on 10), the price (from $ to $$$$$) and the following question: would I go back?

So, here is my review of Le Serpent:

Food: 9.5/10 
Price: $$$$ 
Would I go back?: Yes! But for a special occasion, because I’m not made of money lol

Before I finish things off, I’d just like to say thank you to my guests who attended my first foodies dinner. I had a wonderful time and I hope you did too 🙂 Thank you to everyone at Le Serpent who helped make this an amazing first foodies dinner! And a special thank you to the ladies who helped make my little soirée even better: Rachel @keikirachy for the beautiful handmade name cards, Lydia @lydia_kasparian from Toute Sweet Cookies for her gorgeous and delicious cookies and last but not least, Shakia @maisonmeringues from Maison Meringues for her colorful and yummy meringue pops! Till next time 😉

rry5wsMASOKApPTwtCFdGw_thumb_39dfUP NEXT: ma critique en tant qu’invité chez Estiatorio Skara (Plats traditionnels grecs au Quartier DIX30 à Brossard)

*All photos and opinions are mine

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