Toronto foodie highlights: Momofuku, Terroni & more!

A couple weekends ago, I went to Toronto for work. Of course, I took advantage of the situation (and my per diems) to enjoy some delicious meals.

Pizzeria Bosco (Toronto, 2018)

First up on my meals schedule was Friday lunch. Not really knowing where I was and what my options were (as I hadn’t done any research on lunch places) I headed to the Eaton Center food court. On my way there, I stumbled upon the Richtree Natural Market Restaurants and chose to go for a thin crust Italian pizza from Pizzeria Bosco. As per usual, I chose my favorite, a prosciutto and roquette pizza, with a balsamic reduction. Overall, the pizza was very good; the dough itself was very nice, thin but fluffy and the ingredients were very good. However, the balsamic reduction was way too overpowering (there was way too much). Here is my review of Pizzeria Bosco – Food: 7/10, Price: $, Would I go back?: Yes, but I’d order either a different pizza or the same pizza without the balsamic glaze. 

Momofuku Noodle Bar (Toronto, 2018)
Momofuku Noodle Bar (Toronto, 2018)
Momofuku Noodle Bar (Toronto, 2018)
Momofuku Noodle Bar (Toronto, 2018)
Momofuku Noodle Bar (Toronto, 2018)
Momofuku Noodle Bar (Toronto, 2018)

Next up was Friday night dinner. I met up with my friend Galo, who is originally from Mexico (we met in Europe 7 years ago!) and lived in Montreal for a few months last year, before being transferred to Toronto. Having heard so many good things about Momofuku Noodle Bar, that was the first reservation I made. Momofuku has a very simple menu, which mainly features ramen. So if you don’t like ramen, best to abstain. We opted for the pork belly buns to share and the pork ramen as mains. The pork belly buns with hoisin, scallions and cucumber were delicious, just as buns should be! They were meaty, fatty and sweet and all wrapped up in a delicious bun. The pork ramen with pork belly, pork shoulder, fish cake and egg was very good. I’m not a huge ramen fan, but I really like this ramen; every ingredient was perfect. The broth was tasty, the pork belly was delicious, there was a nice dollop of spicy sauce which when mixed in the soup gave it a nice kick and even the egg was great! I don’t really like hard boiled eggs but this egg was barely soft boiled that it held together, but once you had a go at it with your chopsticks, it fell apart into a bunch of small pieces, blended in the soup and continued to cook in the warm broth. I also chose a glass of Red Stone Riesling from the Niagara region #drinklocal which was very good and different! Maybe its just me, but there was a nice apple finish at the end, which was new to me and tasty. We also saw some people order the fried chicken (I believe you need to be at least 6 people to order it) and it looked amaaazing. I was very tempted to ask them for a piece! lol. Here is my review of Momofuku Noodle Bar – Food: 8.5/10, Price: $$$, Would I go back?: I most likely will next time I’m in Toronto! 

Terroni on Adelaide (Toronto, 2018)
Terroni on Adelaide (Toronto, 2018)
Terroni on Adelaide (Toronto, 2018)

Saturday breakfast and lunch ended up being flops and disappointments, so we’ll skip over that and go straight to Saturday dinner at Terroni on AdelaideFirst off, the restaurant is in this amazing historical 3 floor building, with I think 4 or 5 different dining rooms? The place is absolutely huuuge and I felt absolutely weird eating there alone but oh well, it was worth it. Since I was alone, I opted for a bar seat and was recommend the third floor bar. The third floor bar was definitely more low-key than say, the second floor bar, as the lights were dimmed and the room had a cosy vibe to it. Everything on the second floor seemed more chic and there was so much lighting. In any case, I told the bartender I was in a rush, so that I wouldn’t have to wait forever for my solo dish. There were so many dishes I would have loved to order, but I finally made the difficult choice of choosing just one dish and opted for the Tonnarelli alla Norcina :
Italian black truffle shavings, homemade spicy sausage, pecorino and garlic. I chose this pasta, as I had never eaten truffles before and I figured, what better place than a fancy Italian restaurant to do so for the first time? Although the dish overall was very good; the pasta was great and so was the Italian spicy sausage, I didn’t absolutely love it. I found that the truffle shavings were kind of big and that the taste was very earthy. Nonetheless I ate it all and it was a very good dish, perhaps just not my cup of tea (or in this case, not my plate of pasta). I chose to accompany my pasta with, of course, a glass of white wine which was chosen by my bartender, based on my likings. Unfortunately, I don’t recall what it was. For dessert, I figured, why not? And ordered the Torta calda al cioccolato: warm flourless chocolate cake with a white chocolate ganache. I have to say, this chocolate cake was spot on. It was like a small lava cake, with a moist and creamy chocolatey inside, which was delicious. The white chocolate ganache was excellent too and went very well with the cake. Here is my review of Terroni on Adelaide – Food: 8/10, Price: $$$$, Would I go back?: Yes, but I would order a different pasta dish.

Sud Forno (Toronto, 2018)
Sud Forno (Toronto, 2018)
Sud Forno (Toronto, 2018)
Sud Forno (Toronto, 2018)
Sud Forno (Toronto, 2018)
Sud Forno (Toronto, 2018)
Sud Forno (Toronto, 2018)

And finally, there was Sunday lunch. So while I was at Terroni Saturday night, eating all by myself, I started checking out nearby lunch spots that I could check out the next day. I stumbled upon an Italian bakery and restaurant named Sud Forno, which has the same owners as Terroni. I checked it out on GoogleMaps and it was even closer to my hotel than Terroni, so I was sold on Sud Forno for lunch. When I got there Sunday, it was a bit confusing as there’s a lot of different sections going on; café-bar in the front, bakery in the back, a restaurant on the side and maybe even on a second floor. I made my way to the back, where all the prepared goods were and had the struggle of my life choosing what to order. In the end, I settled on a slice of n’dujana pizza and a rigatoni and kale pesto salad, which I figured, I could always finish later off in the day. The n’dujana pizza with fresh tomatoes, eggplant, mozarella, parmigiano, n’duja and basil was very good. The crust was thin, crispy and oily, which made it different from your typical thin crust Italian pizza dough. The toppings were delicious, like the thin slices of eggplant. However, because the pizza had to be reheated, it was a bit dry, especially the n’duja. The rigatoni and kale pesto salad was also very good. I loved the homemade pesto and the fresh tomatoes and kale leaves. There was also a creamy white cheese which smelled like goats cheese. Overall, the food was very good but the staff was a big disappointment. I was in contact with probably 5 different staff members, of which only 1 spoke English properly and they were all pretty rude and cold. Definitely something to improve upon. Here is my review of Sud Forno on Temperance – Food: 7.5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Only if I were in the area. 

And there you have it! My Toronto foodie highlights!

UP NEXT: ma critique de restaurant du Bevo Bar + Pizzeria (l’endroit parfait pour un 5à8 à l’italienne au Vieux-Port!)

*All photos and opinions are mine

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