Rosewood: weekend brunch and bottomless mimosas in Old Montreal!

Rosewood (2018)
Rosewood (2018)

I had the pleasure of brunching at Rosewood as their guest. Rosewood is located in Old Montreal, just a few steps from the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral. Now open for a few years, Rosewood serves a delicious and extensive brunch menu on both Saturdays and Sundays, as well as bottomless mimosas for just $25! Of course, you can also come at other moments of the day to enjoy a drink or two and some other yummy plates, but what is the weekend without brunch???

Restaurant: Rosewood
Date: Sunday February 11th 2018
Table for: 2

After publishing my Bottomless Brunch Crawl post a few weeks ago, which included a short review of Rosewood and their brunches – but with no photos – I was invited to come back, try a few different dishes and takes lots of photos!

I’ve actually been to Rosewood a couple of times, for brunch and for drinks/food at night. Both times, I enjoyed the food I ate.

I really like the decor and furniture, everything is modern but comfortable. We ended up taking a table for four this time around, as we needed the table space for all of the dishes we ordered.

Mimosa! (2018)
Rosewood latte (2018)

To start things off, we ordered a first round of bottomless mimosas, which were perfectly balanced between sparkling wine and orange juice.

brioche and yogurt parfait (2018)
brioche and yogurt parfait (2018)

Then, we received a brioche and yogurt parfait dish; definitely one of the most beautiful dishes I’ve ever seen. A lot of detail, care and attention went into making this dish, that I almost didn’t want to eat it! Almost. The yogurt was nice and light, the pear purée was delicious and the brioche was sweet and moist. However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the bacon reduction that was on the circle of tiny cut fruits. This was the perfect start to a wonderful brunch!

Steak and eggs, lemon ricotta pancakes, fried chicken and eggs Benedict (2018)
Steak and eggs (2018)

After taking a bunch of photos, we started with the steak and eggs. I’m not one to normally order this kind of meaty dish, especially for breakfast, but I loved it. Everything about it was delicious; the steak was cooked to perfection and still rare, the cheesy potatoes were good, the creamy sauce was good, the balsamic glaze was good and overall, it was a delicious combination of ingredients.

Eggs Benedict (2018)

Next up and my all-time favorite brunch dish: eggs Benedict. Rosewood’s eggs Benedict were delicious, probably my favorite in Montreal. The sauce was thick and velvety, with a hint of white wine, which is not standard, but I loved it. The eggs were cooked just right, the English muffin was toasty, the ham very good and the potatoes were also very good; I liked the addition of sautéed red peppers and red onions.

lemon ricotta pancakes (2018)
lemon ricotta pancakes (2018)
lemon ricotta pancakes (2018)

The third dish we ordered were the lemon ricotta pancakes. This was another beautiful dish, simple but beautiful. The pancakes were nice and fluffy, with delicious hints of candied lemon syrup and whipped lemon ricotta and yogurt. I’m not a huge fan of cheese in dessert type foods, but I found that it was very well balanced in this dish, especially with the hints of lemon.

fried chicken (2018)

And last but not least, we ordered a side dish of fried chicken. Although we found it good, it was a bit dry and not very favourful; I would have preferred more seasoning to give it a little kick, maybe a bit of heat. However, it was super crispy on the outside, which was key.

Digestif: Galliano, espresso and whipped cream (2018)

After all of this food and lots of bottomless mimosas, we had a little digestif, consisting of Galliano (vanilla liqueur), an espresso shot and a nice dollop of whipped cream. All together, it tasted great; you had the strength of the liqueur, combined with the delicious taste of coffee and the sweetness of the whipped cream.

Overall, we had an amazing boozy brunch at Rosewood. The food was delicious, the mimosas were endless and the service was excellent. I highly recommend the eggs Benedict, as well as the steak and eggs, which were my two favorite dishes (I’m also more of a savoury foods kind of person). I also found the prices to be very reasonable, for both the food and the bottomless mimosas, especially in comparison to other restaurants. I will definitely be back for more brunches and mimosas!

Steak and eggs, lemon ricotta pancakes, fried chicken and eggs Benedict (2018)

UP NEXT: my guest review for Elixor DDO  (International inspired cuisine – something for everyone!)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos are mine

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