District Bagel: fresh bagels, brunch and more in TMR

I had the pleasure of brunching at District Bagel as their guest a couple weekends ago. If you’ve ever wanted to eat some delicious bagels for brunch, without the lineup of a brunch restaurant but with more than just bagels and cream cheese on the menu, then check out District Bagel! They’re a neighbourhood bagel/brunch/coffee spot located in TMR (Town of Mount-Royal), close to highway 15 and Jean-Talon. They may not have an endless brunch menu, but they can cook you up an omelette with a selection of toppings, make you a bagel breakfast sandwich and more!

District Bagel (2018)
District Bagel (2018)
District Bagel (2018)
District Bagel (2018)

Restaurant: District Bagel
Date: Sunday January 28th 2018
Table for: 2

I came to District Bagel on a Sunday morning around 10 am for brunch and there were already a lot of customers coming in and out or sitting at one of the tables enjoying an omelette breakfast dish. District Bagel not only makes delicious bagels (which you can opt to pick up and go) but also offers simple brunch dishes, sandwiches, soups, muffins, cakes and more. What’s super cool too is that at the back of the store, there’s a glass window where you can see the giant brick oven and delicious bagels being prepared.

Sesame bagel with sun dried tomato cream cheese (2018)
Me & my bagel (2018)

We ended up ordering a few different things, as well as receiving some popular treats to try out. I chose a sesame bagel with sun dried tomato cream cheese; all homemade. I really liked the bagel, it was delicious. I found it thicker and softer (in a good way) than other brands that will remain unnamed, which I find harder and thinner. The cream cheese was also very good, although I would have liked more! I like to put a lot of cream cheese in my bagels 🙂

American omelette breakfast (2018)

I also ordered the American omelette breakfast dish, which was simple and good. The omelette with mushrooms was nicely done, the potatoes were delicious and the salad was refreshing.

Everything bagel sandwich with salmon (lox bagel) (2018)
Everything bagel sandwich with salmon (lox bagel) (2018)
Everything bagel sandwich with salmon (lox bagel) (2018)

Alex ordered an everything bagel sandwich with salmon (lox bagel). I don’t eat this kind of salmon, so you’ll have to take Alex’s word for it that the sandwich was delicious and full of salmon.

Rugelach (2018)
Cheese crêpes & Cheesecakes (2018)

Some of the sweet treats we enjoyed on the spot were rugelach; traditional Jewish cookies shaped like crescents. They were soft, chocolatey and go perfect with a hot cup of coffee. We also tried the very popular and highly recommended cheese crêpes, which were delicious. I’m not a big fan of cheese desserts, but these crêpes were soft, fluffy and sweet.

Jalapeño, whole grain, Montreal steak spice & cranberry bagels (2018)
Leaning tower of bagels (2018)

We also ended up taking two different cheesecakes home, along with an assortment of bagels to try (cranberry, Montreal steak spices, jalapeño and whole grain). Alex ended up eating a huge slice of the chocolate covered cheesecake later that day, in about a minute, so I’ll take that as sign that the cake was delicious. I had the Montreal steak spices bagel with cream cheese on my way to work the next day and it was delicious, I really liked the taste of the bagel with all the different spices (although it was a tad salty).

Overall, we had a delicious brunch at District bagel. I really liked their bagels and would definitely purchase them if they were available at the grocery store. Everything else we ate was really good too, like the homemade cream cheeses, the cakes and the crêpes. If you’re looking for a good sit down breakfast spot to enjoy a delicious homemade bagel, give District Bagel a try!

Lox bagel & American omelette breakfast (2018)

UP NEXT: my guest review of Chez Alexandre et fils (French icon in Montreal’s restaurant scene)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos are mine

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