Turquoise Blog’s MTL Brunch Crawl – Part 2

Following last week’s post on Turquoise Blog’s MTL Brunch Crawl – Part 1, here is Part 2! For my MTL Bottomless Brunch Crawl, click here!

*All brunch places are presented in chronological order. Each will include my restaurant review criteria based on: food (on /10), price ($ to $$$$$) and would I go back?

Turquoise Blog’s MTL Brunch Crawl – Part 2 (#11 to #20) :

11. Pastaga (Little Italy)

Pastaga (2016)

I came to Pastaga with a couple of friends in September 2016. The menu was very simple but delicious. I think all three of us ordered the same dish: eggs benedict over toast with (I think) pulled pork. Although, if I recall properly, there was only one egg, this was such a filling breakfast because of the meat. I really enjoyed this, as its not your typical eggs benedict. Unfortunately though, according to their website, it seems they are no longer serving brunch every weekend; only on special occasions and for groups. Food: 8.5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Yes but I can’t 😦

12. Le butterblume (Mile-End)

Le butterblume (2016)

I came to Le Butterblume in December 2016 with 3 friends and absolutely loved it. This is another one of your non-typical brunch spots, but the raviolis are so amazing that they’re forgiven for not having eggs benedict lol. I’m a huge pasta fan, so obviously, I ordered the ravioli dish. They were so yummy, served in a delicious rich broth with lots of fresh dill. I haven’t had the opportunity to go back yet but I would definitely love to, just for the raviolis. Food: 9.5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Absolutely!

13. Kam Fung (Dim sum) (Chinatown)

Kam Fung (2017)
Kam Fung (2017)

In case you didn’t know, I love Asian food, especially dim sum. Dim sum is basically Chinese brunch, where you get to order from Chinese ladies pushing carts of various things like: dumplings, buns, noodles, fried shrimps and more exotic things too like chicken feet and other things I’ve never eaten. Kam Fung is my go-to dim sum spot in Montreal, because its the closest one I know of (in Chinatown). I last came here with 4 friends in February 2017. Beware though, Sunday is dim sum day for a lot of Chinese families, so if you don’t arrive before 11 am and you’re more than 4 people, get ready to wait an hour just like at any other brunch place. The other thing with dim sum is that its best if you do go with a few people (3+) because most of the items come in threes or fours. So if you want to order a bunch of different things in order to eat a bunch of different things, its best you have a lot of people to share with.  Food: 9.5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Always.

14. Le Passé Composé (The Village)

Le Passé Composé (2017)
Le Passé Composé (2017)
Le Passé Composé (2017)
Le Passé Composé (2017)

In my opinion, Le Passé Composé is one of the top brunch spots in Montreal. I came here in March 2017 on a beautiful sunny day, with my Bottomless Brunch Biddies. Because we arrived around 11h30, we ended up having to wait in line a long time (roughly 1h30). When we finally made it to our table, we were starving (actually I was ok cause I’d already had a first breakfast that morning lol).  Although the place was jam packed, neither the flow nor the service were impacted. The waitresses were very attentive and friendly and we got our orders within a normal amount of time (drinks and food). I’m not much of a sweets kinda gal, but the waffles with fresh fruits, caramelized maple apples and caramel sauce were amazing. My friends all chose savoury dishes (eggs benedict with duck confit, croque madame and more eggs benedict) and they all loved them too. Our freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit mimosas were also delicious, along with their beautiful lattes. Overall, it was a great brunch experience, even though we had a long wait, but this can obviously be avoided by arriving early. Food: 10/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Yes!

15. Elda Bistro (Mile-End)

Elda Bistro (2017)
Elda Bistro (2017)

Came to Elda Bistro for a friend’s birthday brunch last year (March 2017) and although the food was good and the service excellent (we were a party of about 20) there was nothing special about the food. Again, something I could easily make myself at home (the omelette I had, not Alex’s dessert-like dish lol). I was also disappointed by the very limited menu; I think there were about 5 options for brunch? I do not recommend Elsa’s for brunch. Food: 7/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: No.

16. Tong Por (Dim sum) (Cartierville)

Tong Por (2017)
Tong Por (2017)

Tong Por is another great dim sum place in Montreal, which I usually go to with my parents because its in the middle of nowhere and they have a car. We were last here in may 2017. Like all other dim sum places, make sure to arrive early (around 11h), although I’ve been to Tong Por a couple times and never had to wait very long. The food is very good and there are lots of choices. Food: 9.5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Yup.

17. No 900 on Bernard (Outremont)


No 900 on Bernard (2017)

I was pleasantly surprised by my experience at No 900 sur Bernard. The pizzas were excellent and the prices were very good too (I believe Alex’s breakfast pizza was only $12, mine was a bit pricier, maybe $16). We came here in August 2017 on a Monday, after failing to find any other brunch spots that were either opened or didn’t have a huge line up. Obviously, this isn’t technically a brunch restaurant, as their only brunch item is a breakfast pizza (and no mimosas!). However, the breakfast pizza was very good and deserved to be mentioned. Food: 9/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Perhaps not for brunch, but definitely for a pizza for dinner.

18. Comptoir Rhubarbe (Plateau)

Comptoir Rhubarbe (2017)

(Claire don’t hate me) I tried Comptoir Rhubarbe with a friend last year (August 2017), after she’d raved about it about 20 times. Although I did enjoy what I ate (for the most part – I found my soft boiled egg very much undercooked), I liked that dishes were rather inexpensive so you could get more than one, like a sweet one and a salty one. However, I wasn’t really impressed overall. I guess my kind of brunch is a nice big plate of food and this is not what you’ll find at Comptoir Rhubarbe. I would prefer to come for tea or coffee in the afternoon and enjoy one of their delicious pastries or scones. Food: 7/10, Price: $, Would I go back?: Yes but not for brunch, for afternoon tea.

19. l’Avenue (Plateau)

l’Avenue (2017)
l’Avenue (2017)
l’Avenue (2017)
l’Avenue (2017)
l’Avenue (2017)

I went to l’Avenue for the first time in 2014 and loved it. However, when I came back last fall (October 2017) I was really disappointed with the food. The hollandaise sauce for the eggs benedict tasted like vinegar and even when I reordered without the sauce, the dish was average at best. I definitely think l’Avenue is over-hyped and that there are way better brunch spots in Montreal. I will not be returning again. Food: 5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: No.

20. Le Café Melbourne

Lucky Charms latte (2017)
Smashed avocado toast (2017)

I finally got around to trying out Le Café Melbourne last November with my friend Claire. I really liked the café’s vibe, it was very cute with all the Aussie decos. I also really liked the Lucky Charms latte, as I found it amusing and fun, just like when I used to eat those cereals when I was a kid. As for the food, it was alright. I ordered the smashed avocado toast, which came with: a soft boiled egg, a baked tomato and grilled halloumi cheese. The cheese was very good but sliced so thinly that it was quite dry on the inside. The avo toasts were good but nothing special. Overall, the food was good, but there was nothing special about it. Everything I could have made myself at home, for a fraction of the cost. Food: 7.5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Probs not, not worth it. 

*BONUS: Brunch chez moi

Hosting the Bottomless Brunch Biddies! (2016)
Eggs benedict over potato latkes (2017)
French toast with fresh strawberries (2017)
Feta and spinach omelette with bacon, potatoes and slightly burnt baguette, co-prepared with Jo (2016)
Crêpes with caramelized apples and fresh strawberries (2017)
Shakshouka (2015)

But, generally speaking, my favorite brunch spot tends to be at my own place, as I know what I like and brunch is definitely one of the easiest meals to make. I usually prefer to reserve restaurant outings for dinners or for meals I can’t make myself at home.

UP NEXT: ma critique spéciale Saint-Valentin en tant qu’invité du restaurant Le Bourlingueur (Charmant resto français au Vieux-Port)

*All opinions and photos are my own (or taken by someone with my device, or of me)


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