Turquoise Blog’s MTL Brunch Crawl – Part 1

As mentioned on my last post, this post and the next will focus on the “normal” brunch spots I’ve been to in Montreal (minus a few I’ve probably forgotten about). As well, some of these places I went to years ago so… that will definitely have an impact on my opinions. For my MTL Bottomless Brunches, click here!

*All brunch places are presented in chronological order. Each will include my restaurant review criteria based on: food (on /10), price ($ to $$$$$) and would I go back? 

Turquoise Blog’s MTL Brunch Crawl – Part 1 (#1 to #10) :

1. Beauty’s (Plateau)

Beauty’s to me is one of those over-hyped brunch spots in Montreal. Yeah, the food is good, but its nothing I can’t make myself at home. To me, the wait time is definitely not worth it and I do not recommend Beauty’s. That’s why I haven’t been back since like 2014. But hey, that’s just my opinion. Unfortunately, no photos. Food: 7/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: No.

2. Sparrow (Mile-End)

Sparrow (2015)
Sparrow (2015)
3/6 Bottomless Brunch Biddies at Sparrow (2015)

The last times I went to Sparrow‘s was I think twice in winter 2015? I enjoyed their brunch – they have a good menu with about 10 different options and something for everyone on it too. If you’re more of a traditional breakfast kinda person, you’ll find your eggs with bacon, but if you’re a little more adventurous and feeling like shakshouka, then they’ve got you covered too. Brunch wasn’t amazing, but it was good and I would recommend it. Food: 8/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: I guess not since I haven’t been back in over 2 years.

3. Le Fabergé (Mile-End)

Fabergé (2015)

I tried Le Fabergé with my 2 roommates at the time in June 2015. Although I enjoyed the brunch (my go to – eggs benedict) the food was just good and nothing beyond my expectations. This is another very busy brunch spot so if you want to try it out, you gotta get there early (early = before 10:30am).Food: 7.5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: I guess not since I haven’t been back in over 2 years.

4. Bagel etc. (Plateau)

Bagel etc. (2015)

I’ve been to Bagel etc. a few times, probably because I lived close-by for about a year. The last time I went was December 2015. The same goes with most of these other brunch places, although the food is good, there’s nothing special about it. They do have a large menu offering though and lots of bread choices to go with your breakfast. Food: 7.5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: I guess not since I haven’t been back in over 2 years.

5. Les Cocottes (Little Italy)

Les Cocottes (2015)
Les Cocottes (2015)

I came to Les Cocottes in December 2015 and was disappointed with the overall experience. The food was good, but you had to pay between $1 and $3 for every single item you wanted in your plate, I didn’t like their formula and think it would be best to just have standard menu offerings with various inclusions, just like the other brunch places. Food: 7/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: No.

6. Le Vieux Saint-Laurent (Plateau)

Le Vieux Saint-Laurent (Summer 2015)
Le Vieux Saint-Laurent with Liz (December 2015)

I’ve also been here a few times, as I used to live close by (and I live close by again now :D). The last time I came here was in December 2015. Le Vieux Saint-Laurent is definitely one of those brunch places you go to the morning after a big night out, but not so big that you feel like throwing up at the smell of food. This is not an Instagrammer’s paradise and definitely no one cares what you’re wearing at this resto. This was my go-to place during my time at McGill, especially when I didn’t feel like making breakfast. They have a huge menu with all sorts of comforting breakfast items. Food: 7.5/10, Price: $, Would I go back?: Only if I were looking for a quick and dirty brunch.

7. Sel Gras – CLOSED (Little Italy)

Sel Gras (2016)
Sel Gras (2016)

Came to Sel Gras with the Bottomless Brunch Biddies in March 2016. Turns out this place is closed now. This was another one of those nice brunch places, with a limited brunch menu and more creative type dishes. I ordered some kind of omelette with mushrooms which was good, but again, nothing amazing. It was nice to check out a new place, but otherwise, not worth coming back to. Food: 7.5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Nah, there are other places to try out.

8. Les Enfants Terribles sur Bernard (Outremont)

Came here with the Bottomless Brunch Biddies in the summer of 2016. Les Enfants Terribles ressembles more your typical brunch restaurant, with eggs benedict dishes, breakfast sandwiches and other standard breakfast offerings. I had the eggs benedict and I liked them, however the portion was a bit on the small side as I was still hungry at the end. They also have a nice seating area outside so I would definitely recommend Les Enfants Terribles for brunch in the summer, as they have good food and a nice terrasse for outdoor dining. Unfortunately, no photos. Food: 8/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Maybe in the summer for the terrasse. 

9. Mayfair (Plateau)

Bottomless Brunch Biddies at Mayfair (2016)

The Bottomless Brunch Biddies and I came to one of Mayfair‘s High Tea brunches in July 2016 and were disappointed with the experience. Although the food was good, the portions were tiny (even Liz was still hungry after, which is rare cause she never even finishes her plate) and everything was expensive. Plus, because they’re not actually a restaurant, the menu items were very limited and you could tell the food had been prepared elsewhere and heated up on-site. Food: 6.5/10, Price: $$$, Would I go back?: No.

10. Les Beaux-Frères sur Beaubien – CLOSED (Rosemont)

Les Beaux-Frères sur Beaubien (2016)

Unfortunately, I recently found out that Les Beaux-Frères sur Beaubien closed 😦 I came here with Alex in September 2016 and we both enjoyed our brunch date. I got the eggs benedict which were yummy, along with a mimosa. I would have liked to come back, especially to try out the dinner menu, but I guess that won’t be possible. Food: 8.5/10, Price: $$, Would I go back?: Yes but its closed so I can’t lol.

UP NEXT: Turquoise Blog’s MTL Brunch Crawl – Part 2!

*All opinions and photos are my own (or taken by someone with my device, or of me)

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