Turquoise Blog’s MTL Bottomless Brunch Crawl

**UPDATED August 13th 2019**

Alright guys, this one’s been a long time coming. Ever since my Bronfman friends and I (plus Liz) graduated in 2014, brunching has pretty much been the only way we BBBs (bottomless brunch biddies) stay in touch. Sometimes we go for bottomless brunches (that’s like a 5 hours ordeal and a complete write off of our days) but usually we go for “normal brunch” (as some of the BBBs gotta work on weekends #thatcorporatelife). At one of these said brunches, Frank suggested that I write about the brunch places we’ve eaten at over the years (thanks Franky), so… here we go with the MTL brunch crawls 🙂 This first post of many will focus on bottomless brunch options in Montreal and the others will focus on “normal” brunch options. Click here for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3!

*Each brunch place will include my restaurant review criteria based on: food (on /10), price ($ to $$$$$) and would I go back?

Turquoise Blog’s MTL Bottomless Brunch Crawl:

1. Le Sinclair (Old Montreal)

Le Sinclair (2018)
Le Sinclair (2018)
Le Sinclair (2018)

Sadly, we only made it to one bottomless brunch place in 2018 (Frank and Mia moved to Chicago so that made it difficult to brunch often lol). We ended up at Le Sinclair, after I had eaten there a couple of times and had two lovely experiences. Overall, their bottomless brunch was not great. The food was good, the mimosas were great, but the place lacked in ambiance and liveliness and the service was bad. Food: 7/10, Price: $$$$, Would I go back?: Not for brunch. This was the poorest bottomless brunch experience I’ve had in Montreal. To read more about it, click here. Otherwise, keep reading for some better options!

2. Suwu (Plateau)

Suwu (2015)
Suwu (2015)
Suwu (2014)
Suwu (2014)

Suwu is the first bottomless brunch places we tried out and proceeded to come back 1 or 2 times over the years. Suwu’s bottomless brunch is at $35, plus tax, tip and food. Honestly, the food isn’t great at Suwu, in terms of brunch. Both times I came here, the food was average and definitely nothing memorable. Its one of those places where you choose to come for the bottomless option and nothing more. In terms of bottomless service, its quite good. They give you your own bottle of sparkling wine, along with a pitcher of orange juice, so you can dose your own mimosas. Food: 6/10, Price: $$$$, Would I go back?: Probably not, there are other bottomless places with better food. 

2. Atelier d’Argentine (Old Port & Downtown locations have permanently closed – This restaurant no longer exists)

Eggs benedict and chorizo at Atelier d’Argentine (2015)
Atelier d’Argentine (2016)
Gnocci (2016)
Mia & Frank sharing their engagement news with us ❤ (2016)

**Update 13/08/2019: Atelier d’Argentine also closed their downtown location, this restarant no longer exists in Montreal**

3. Rosewood (Old Port)

Steak and eggs, lemon ricotta pancakes, fried chicken and eggs Benedict (2018)
Ricotta pancakes (2018)
Eggs Benedict (2018)
Steak and eggs (2018)
fried chicken (2018)

Tried Rosewood in January 2016 for my 24th birthday and had a great time overall, except for when I was sick (ahem)… But other than that, I ordered the breakfast poutine which was yummy and of course, I opted for the bottomless brunch option. I believe at the time bottomless was only $20, but it is now $25. As well, take note that Rosewood is now open on both Saturdays AND Sundays for brunch, yay! *Update* I had the pleasure of returning to Rosewood this year as their foodie guest and got to try a bunch of their delicious dishes: eggs Benedict, steak and eggs, ricotta pancakes and fried chicken! For more info, check it out here! Food: 8.5/10, Price: $$$, Would I go back?: Yes, I’d like to try it out again.

4. Pintxo (Plateau)

Spanish potato omelette (2017)


Me, Liz & Linda at Pintxo (2017)
Homemade donuts (2017)

We tried Pintxo out this summer for the first time and were pleased with the overall experience. Although the food was very good (the majority of us ordered the Spanish potato omelette with different toppings options) the choices were very limited and didn’t include many “typical” choices like eggs benedict. The bottomless service was also good; the waitress continuously refilled our glasses with sparkling wine and orange juice. The price was also better than at Suwu; Pintxo’s bottomless is $25 only (and the food is better). They also had some yummy homemade donuts for dessert, which we split. Food: 7.5/10, Price: $$$, Would I go back?: Perhaps, but I would like to try out a new bottomless place first with more food options.

5. O’Thym (Gay Village)

O’Thym (2017)
Eggs Benedict over toasted baguette with rabbit medallions, a cheese sauce, roasted potatoes and a garden salad (2017)
Croissant Wellington (2017)
Grilled cheese (2017)
Chocolate churros (2017)
Ready for byow brunch! (2017)

Alright, O’Thym isn’t technically a bottomless brunch restaurant, but because it is byow, that basically makes it bottomless. We came here right before the holidays and overall had a good experience. The food was good, although a little lacking in some areas for my eggs Benedict dish. However, everyone else seemed to really enjoy their meals and I have to say, the grilled cheese with duck confit salad looked pretty tasting. As well, you can’t beat the price, as it cost us each about $20 for a bottle of sparkling wine and some orange juice. Food: 7.5/10, Price: $$$, Would I go back?: Yes because its byow, but I would try something else on the menu

There aren’t that many bottomless brunch places in Montreal, but we’ll definitely keep looking for our new top spot. In the meantime, come back next week for my MTL Brunch Crawl post!

UP NEXT: Turquoise Blog’s Favorite MTL BYOW Restos 2019!

*All photos are my own (or taken by someone with my device, or of me)

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