Foodie Adventures & Highlights: Sardinia

As with the food in Corsica, the food in Sardinia was also spot on; plenty of pastas, pizzas and seafood dishes. Because Corsica is part of Italy, obviously there was a lot of pastas, but there were also some local dishes that were typical to Sardinia, which you probably won’t find in other parts of Italy. I also found there was a big accent on seafood, which you won’t find in other Italian cities unless they’re on the coast.


Ricotta ravioli with pesto sauce and squash (2017)
Pasta of the day with Sardinia cheese (2017)
Spaghetti alle vongole (2017)
Gnochetti in meat sauce (2017)
Ricotta and lemon ravioli in tomato sauce (2017)

Since Sardinia is part of Italy, of course there were plenty of pasta dishes; every restaurant had some. Here too, I probably ate about 1 pasta dish per day and got to try a bunch of different ones. I’ll highlight a few more in the local dishes section below, but they were all very good. I especially liked the pasta of the day with Sardinian cheese we ate at a hotel restaurant, as well as the vongole (one of my faves) and the ricotta & lemon raviolis.


Pizza with prosciutto and arugula (2017)
Pizza with prosciutto, fresh tomatoes and mushrooms (2017)
Margherita pizza (2017)

Surprisingly, there weren’t as many pizzas as I thought there would have been, especially compared to Corsica; I think there were more there than in Sardinia. So I only ended up eating pizza three times, but they were delicious all three times. Obviously, my favorite is with prosciutto, so I tried to order a pizza with prosciutto as often as possible.



Pesto gnocchi with local clams (2017)
Grilled garlic calamari (2017)
Seafood spaghetti (2017)
Grilled sword fish (2017)


As mentioned, seafood was pretty big in Sardinia. I think seafood is one of the dishes I ended up eating the most, at least once per day, as so many restaurants offered it. My favorites were definitely the seafood “soup” I ate in Cagliari – a combination of calamaris, mussels, octopus, shrimps and fish in a thick tomato broth, resembling a soup – and the pesto gnocchi with fresh local clams. It was the first time I had ever eaten either of those dishes and they were amazing and very unique, especially the clam gnocchi.

Agriturismo dinner / Local dishes

Antipasti: charcuteries, olives and marinated vegetables (2017)
Frito misto: zucchini and eggplant (2017)
Local Sardinian dish I didn’t really enjoy (2017)
Homemade ricotta gnocchi & lemon and ricotta ravioli in tomato sauce (2017)
Sardinian oven roasted pork (2017)
Homemade Sardinian liquors (2017)
Ricotta and lemon tart covered in honey & homemade Sardinian cookies (2017)

On our first night in Sardinia, we reserved at an Agriturismo, a restaurant located on a farm and supplied by it. This meal was very good and allowed us to try so many different dishes, but there was definitely way too much food for two people. There were also some things I wouldn’t have cared to eat, so I’m definitely more of an “à la carte” kinda person. I did however really enjoy the assortment of antipasti charcuteries and cheese, as well as the pastas.

Typical Sardinian flat bread (2017)
Spirally pasta with lamb ragu (2017)
Gnocchetti with crab and cherry tomatoes (2017)
Cheese and charcuteries board (2017)
Grilled vegetables (2017)

I also got to enjoy some pretty unique pastas, like a spirally pasta with tomato sauce and lamb ragu, as well as gnochetti in a crab and cherry tomato sauce, some more local Sardinian cheeses and charcuteries and yummy grilled vegetables. I really enjoyed these pastas, as they were very unique and different from the pastas I’m used to eating. Apparently you’re supposed to eat the crab shells with the meat inside, but I’m not a fan of shells…


Pork chop with pork sausage (2017)

Once again, it was my mom who ordered this dish, not me, but I’m the one who ended up eating her pork sausage (as she’s not a huge fan of sausage). The sausage was very good and very well flavoured. I had ordered ravioli and the sausage went very well with it.


Lemon & berry sorbet and strawberry sorbet (2017)

For some reason, we barely ate any desserts in Sardinia, probably because we were always super full after all our meals. We did however enjoy some gelato one sunny afternoon in Alghero.

Beer & Wine

Ichnusa beer (2017)
Aperol Spritz (2017)
Aperol Spritz (2017)

Ichnusa is the most popular beer in Sardinia, offered at pretty much every restaurant and terrasse. Its a very good beer and local, so I was glad to drink some whenever the opportunity arose. We also enjoyed some Aperol Spritz one night before dinner, as so many restaurants only open at 7pm (we’re used to eating dinner quite early at home). Aperol Spritz is a super popular drink in Italy before dinner and has made waves this past summer in Montreal with their ever so present marketing campaigns (anyone else notice that or just me? lol).


Fruits and vegetables stand at a market in Cagliari (2017)
Fresh pasta at a market in Cagliari (2017)

On our last day in Sardinia, we visited one of the biggest markets in Cagliari, where they sell everything from fish and seafood to fruits and vegetables, meats, pastas, wine and more. I didn’t take a lot of photos cause I was pretty busy taking in all the different stalls (and smells) but it was a neat place that I would have loved to actually shop at for a dinner.

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*All photos are mine

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