Ossiano: fine Mediterranean dining in the West Island

This is the first of several restaurant guest posts coming up on my blog! So if you like food, eating out and Montreal, this is for you 🙂

On a chilly November Friday night, I had the pleasure of eating at Ossiano, as one of their restaurant guests. Open for almost two years now, Ossiano is one of the fanciest restaurants of the West Island (if not the most) and boasts a tastefully decorated 250 seat restaurant, perfect for your corporate events, weddings and special occasions. Their speciality is delicious Mediterranean cuisine, featuring a variety of fresh fish and seafood, as well as high quality meat cuts. If you’re looking for a high quality culinary experience in the West Island, delicious seafood and meat dishes and attentive service, Ossiano is the place for you!

Grilled mixed mushrooms, filet mignon & shrimps à la plancha (2017)

Restaurant: Ossiano
Date: Friday November 3rd 2017
Table for: 2

Having grown up in the West Island, I’m pretty familiar with the restaurant scene over there, even though I hadn’t eaten at a WI restaurant in years. I’d driven by Ossiano a few times over the years, but on our way there, we almost missed the entrance. You have to take the Brault & Martineau exit, where there is a blue “Piazza Azzurri” sign. From the outside, you can tell this place is going to be beautiful on the inside, but it may not be evident that its a restaurant. They also have a large terrasse outside, which must be perfect for hot summer nights.

Ossiano (2017)
Ossiano (2017)
Ossiano (2017)
Ossiano (2017)

Upon entering Ossiano, you can’t help but be a little amazed with the decor. This restaurant features an enormous winding staircase, beautiful hanging chandeliers and a giant wine cellar encased in glass panes. Maurice, the owner, explained to us that every little detail about Ossiano was important to him, from the high quality glassware and cutlery, to the custom designed branded plates and the comfortableness of the chairs for his guests. Maurice’s vision with Ossiano was to create an upscale Mediterranean dining experience for his guests, with a focus on: the finest and freshest produces, delicious dishes and exceptional service.

Grilled shrimp, ricotta and safran ravioli (2017)
Grilled shrimp, ricotta and safran ravioli (2017)

To begin the evening, we chose to share the homemade grilled shrimp ravioli with saffron and ricotta cheese. These raviolis were delicious and perfectly made. You could taste all the ingredients of the raviolis, although personally, I think these ones were made with feta and not ricotta; the cheese was salty like feta and not smooth like ricotta should be. Nonetheless, the ingredients went well together and you cold also really taste the saffron and hints of lemon.

Grilled mixed mushrooms, shrimps à la plancha & filet mignon (2017)
Filet mignon, mashed potatoes and cabernet sauvignon reduction (2017)

For the mains, we ordered the filet mignon and the shrimps à la plancha. I tasted the filet mignon first and it was amazing. The meat was so tender, tasty, juicy and cooked to perfection (medium-rare). The mashed potatoes were well balanced and the cabernet sauvignon sauce was just the cherry on top of this dish. Everything about this dish yelled perfection and deliciousness.

Shrimps à la plancha with squid ink rice, cherry tomatoes and olives (2017)
Shrimps à la plancha with squid ink rice, cherry tomatoes and olives (2017)

Next, I tried the shrimps à la plancha with squid ink rice, cherry tomatoes and olives. Obviously, I had Alex pick out the olives first, as I’d forgotten to ask the waiter to not put them. The rice was super good, it reminded me of a seafood risotto and there was so much of it (we weren’t able to eat it all). The shrimps were probably the biggest I’ve ever seen, they were about the size of the palm of my hand. These were also very well cooked and seasoned and were delicious. Here too, all the ingredients went well together to create a perfectly balanced dish.

Mixed grilled mushrooms (2017)

We also ordered a side of mixed grilled mushrooms, which consisted of grilled portobello and king mushrooms, which were very well done. I like that they added some lemon juice to the seasoning, which I never would have thought of doing. We chose to accompany our dishes with some white wine, chosen for us by Maurice.

Chocolate soufflé with berry coulis (2017)
Cappuccino and espresso (2017)

To finish things off, we shared a chocolate soufflé with berry coulis which was delicious. The top was nice and cake-like, while the inside was super chocolatey, warm and smooth. We also had a cappuccino and espresso, to keep us awake for the drive back to the Plateau.

Overall, we had an amazing dinner at Ossiano. The food, the wine, the staff and the restaurant itself were all perfect. I highly recommend Ossiano for your next corporate event or wedding reception, or for a romantic night out to celebrate an anniversary. Ossiano will definitely make any of your special occasions memorable, with its amazing food, beautiful venue and excellent service.

Grilled mixed mushrooms, shrimps à la plancha & filet mignon (2017)

UP NEXT: ma critique en tant qu’invité au restaurant Sushi Sama! (Comptoir sushi situé sur le coin de Beaubien/Papineau)

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos are mine

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