Hà : delicious South-East Asian dishes with a twist

In no particular order, I’ve decided to review some of the (many) restaurants I’ve eaten at over the summer of 2017 in Montreal and its surroundings.

To kick things off, I’ve chosen , which is hands down one of my favorite Asian restaurants in Montreal (and also one of my favorite restaurants period).

Cold octopus salad (2017)

Restaurant: Hà
Date: Friday July 14th 2017
Party of: 2

My friend Claire and I decided to go for lunch one day and since she works nearby, we quickly settled on Hà. I’d been many times before, but never for lunch and Claire had mentioned they have a lunch special.

Indeed, for lunch, you basically get a free starter with a select choice of meals (about 7 options). I often order the beef pho, but had been disappointed the last time I went, so I opted for the cold octopus salad as a main and the mini laksa as a starter.

Starter: mini laksa soup (2017)

Both dishes were amazing and so delicious. The laksa was seasoned to perfection and very tasty. As for the octopus salad, just wow. The dish was beautifully plated first of all and the combination of flavours, fresh ingredients and spices was just perfect.

I highly recommend Hà to anyone looking for a great Asian meal with a bit of a twist, either for lunch or dinner. Hà is a great spot to try with friends, family or with your partner.

Cold octopus salad and Claire’s coconut salmon with rice (2017)

I have my own criteria when it comes to reviewing restaurants, which I started using last year on my Instagram account (@elisebgravel). It’s very simple, there are only three points: the quality of the food (on 10), the price (from $ to $$$$$) and the following question: would I go back? For me, the quality of the food, the price and the question “would I go back?” are the most important points for me.

So, here is my review of Hà:

Food: 10/10
Price: $$ (lunch), $$$ (dinner)
Would I go back?: Always

UP NEXT: ma critique en tant qu’invité au restaurant Blumenthal !

*All photos are mine

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