Hà : delicious South-East Asian dishes with a twist (Plateau)

**Updated August 4th 2018**

Restaurant type: Asian, South-East Asian, fusion, pho, fancy, lunch specials
Prices: $5-$18 entrées, $14-$26 mains, MP dishes

Date: Friday August 3rd 2018
Table of: 4
My favorite dishes (all-time) : beef pho + pork buns + cold octopus salad 

 is hands down one of my favorite Asian restaurants in Montreal and also one of my favorite restaurants in this city period. Over the years, I’ve eaten there several times and almost every time it was an amazing and delicious experience (I just had one bad experience with the pho a couple years ago, which you can read about on my MTL Pho Hunt blog post). The original restaurant is located in the Plateau, but they’ve opened up a new one near downtown/Old Port this year! (But I’ve never been to that one yet).

Salmon poke bowl (2018)
Salmon poke bowl (2018)

My latest visit was on Friday August 3rd with 3 friends and we all enjoyed our food. 3/4 chose the poke bowls, which to me are a new menu item as the last time I was here they weren’t on the menu, but I also hadn’t been in a year, so. Although I really enjoyed my poke bowl and ate it all up, it wasn’t in my opinion one of the best dishes Hà has to offer; I was just in the mood for something light and cold.

Beef pho (2015)

Over the years, I’ve obviously had the great pleasure of eating their beef pho many times, which is one of my favorites in this city (although its quite expensive for the portion size). But I won’t go into that in too much detail, as I have a dedicated blog post to pho.

Starter: mini laksa soup (2017)
Cold octopus salad & coconut salmon with rice (2017)
Cold octopus salad (2017)

Last summer, I enjoyed an amazing cold octopus salad on their lunch menu, which was absolutely divine. The dish was beautifully plated and the combination of flavours, fresh ingredients and spices was just perfect. The nice thing about going to Hà for lunch is that they also have a lunch special, where you basically get a free starter with a select choice of meals (about 7 options). This allowed me to taste the mini laksa, which I’d never ordered before and loved it. The laksa was seasoned to perfection and very tasty; full of delicious spices and that coconut flavour I love!

Shrimp and baby octopus salad (2015)
Shrimp pad Thai (2017)
Pork buns (2015)
Imperial rolls (2015)
Pork dish (2015)

I’ve also had the pleasure of enjoying other popular dishes over the years: shrimp pad Thai, imperial rolls, salmon tartare spring rolls, pork buns and more! Always fresh and delicious.

I highly recommend Hà to anyone looking for a great Asian meal with a bit of a twist, either for lunch or dinner. Hà is a great spot to try with friends, family or with your significant other. I have my own criteria when it comes to reviewing restaurants, which I started using last year on my Instagram account (@elisebgravel). It’s very simple, there are only three points: the quality of the food (on 10), the price (from $ to $$$$$) and the following question: would I go back? For me, the quality of the food, the price and the question “would I go back?” are the most important points for me.

So, here is my review of Hà:

Food: 10/10
Price: $$ (lunch), $$$ (dinner)
Would I go back?: Always

UP NEXT: ma critique en tant qu’invité au restaurant Blumenthal !

*All photos and opinions are mine

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