Pho Rachel : great Vietnamese lunch spot in the Plateau

Super cool wall of edible plants, vegetables and herbs (2017)

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of eating at Pho Rachel, as one of their foodie guests. Pho Rachel is a relatively new Vietnamese spot in the Plateau, serving a variety of typical Vietnamese dishes, like pho, banh mis and spring rolls, as well as their house soup with homemade noodles.

Restaurant: Pho Rachel
Date: July 11th 2017
Table for: 2

Starting with the soup then clockwise: grilled chicken and vegetables soup, spring rolls, grilled chicken banh mi, imperial rolls & grilled pork chop (2017)

We arrived at 7:30pm on a Tuesday night, to find a few other clients in the restaurant (this place is way busier during lunch time). After speaking with the owners, we proceeded to order typical Vietnamese drinks and several dishes: Vietnamese iced coffee, Vietnamese salty lemonade, grilled chicken and vegetables soup, grilled pork chop over vermicelli, grilled chicken banh mi, a spring roll and a serving of imperial rolls. We asked to receive all of the dishes at the same time, you know, for the sake of my Instagram account.

Vietnamese salty lemonade and Vietnamese iced coffee (2017)

We started off with the beverages, which were served to us first. The Vietnamese iced coffee was delicious, nice and cool on a hot summer’s day. I believe they put condensed milk in it? As you could really feel a rich and creamy taste in the drink. The Vietnamese salty lemonade was homemade and also very good and we couldn’t even notice the salty aspect.

Alex starting off with the grilled chicken and vegetables soup (2017)
grilled pork chop over vermicelli (2017)

So because everything arrived at the same time, it was difficult to decide where to start. I wanted to taste everything right away! Since Alex claimed the soup for himself first, I started off with the grilled pork chop over vermicelli. I loved the taste of the marinade on the meat, which was the typical one you would find in any other authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Montreal. The meat was cooked very well and had that amazing charcoal taste to it. The plate was also served with a vinaigrette, made of things like fish sauce, vinegar, sugar and garlic.

Imperial rolls (2017)

Next, I went for the imperial rolls, served three in a plate. Although they were quite small, they were delicious. You could tell that these didn’t come from the frozen foods aisle of the grocery store; they were handmade with care and so delicious.

Spring rolls (2017)

I followed the imperial rolls with a bite of the spring roll, dipped in a peanut butter and hoisin sauce. I loved that they use peanut butter for their sauce, as many other Viet places in Montreal don’t (for allergy reasons? Or to cut costs?). In any case, this is how I prepare my spring rolls dipping sauce too and I loved it. It was a great balance between peanut butter and hoisin and just the right consistency (thick). The spring rolls were good too, but because I love shrimp, I would have loved for there to be more. They also put a bit of pickled carrots in their rolls, which I don’t usually add, but it adds texture and a hint of vinegary vegetable, which is very typical and common in Vietnamese cuisine.

Chicken banh mi (2017)

I then tried the grilled chicken banh mi, which was delicious. It had the perfect balance between the various ingredients and components included: meat, garlic mayo, sriracha, cucumber, fresh coriander, hoisin sauce and pickled carrots.

My turn at the grilled chicken and vegetables soup (2017)
Grilled chicken and vegetables soup

I finished things off with the grilled chicken and vegetables soup, which Alex had been hogging from the beginning. It was a very flavorful soup, with a delicious lemongrass broth. My all-time favorite, however, remains beef pho 🙂

Beef pho with meatballs (2017)
Grilled chicken and grilled beef over vermicelli (2017)

Speaking of which, we discovered Pho Rachel the week before that, when we stopped by for lunch, after my friend Jo had told me about this new place. That time, I had the beef pho and Alex had the grilled chicken and beef over vermicelli. Both dishes were delicious; the pho’s broth was very aromatic just the way I like it and the grilled meats were perfectly cooked and marinated.

Overall, we loved both meals we had at Pho Rachel and will definitely be back for more (especially since we live 5 mins away now). Pho Rachel is a yummy, inexpensive and convenient typical Vietnamese restaurant located in the Plateau (one of the few!).

opKfOmrNRPafDZoFpwbFcQ_thumb_2072UP NEXT: My review and recommendations for Northern Italy!

*This restaurant post does not contain my usual restaurant review criteria of restaurants, as this is a sponsored post where I was invited to the restaurant as a guest.

*All photos are mine (or of me)


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