Foodie Adventures & Highlights: Portugal

Being from a multicultural city like Montréal is, I’ve had plenty of Portuguese chicken and pasteis de nata (I even used to live in “Little Portugal” in 2015). Therefore, I was already a bit familiar with the cuisine.

Charcoal smoked pork ribs (Sintra, 2015)

One of the first meals I ate were these delicious charcoal smoked pork ribs, when I was in Sintra. I was walking towards the village area when I passed by this cute outdoor restaurant and the wonderful smell of meat cooking on charcoal; my mind was set and there were no regrets.

Seafood rice and wine (Lagos, 2015)

When I was in Lagos, I was told to do the cliff walk above the ocean and rocks and to go all the way to the end and eat a bowl of seafood rice at Antonio’s restaurant. Although not as good as a seafood risotto, it was still a nice and rewarding meal after the hike I’d just done to get there. Bonus points for the cheap glasses of wine.

Grilled calamari and wine (Lagos, 2015)

Since Lagos is by the ocean, I figured grilled calamari would be served at all restaurants; boy was I wrong. I probably went to 10 different restaurants before I finally came upon one that did. Their grilled calamari was delicious, but I can’t say as much for their side dishes. Good thing there was wine and bread.


Once I returned back to Lisbon for a day, I had to eat everything I hadn’t had the chance to yet. I started things off with a chicken bifana, which is a grilled chicken sandwich. Top that with some piri piri sauce and it’s a real delight. For dessert, I had a delicious pasteis de nata, which is a traditional Portguese dessert, consisting of a little custard pastry.

Smoking grilled chouriço (Lisbon, 2015)

Later on in the day, as a pre-dinner snack, a friend and I shared a grilled chouriço that was served still smoking. So yummy.

UP NEXT: My restaurant review of Le Passé Composé! (MTL)

*All photos are my own (or taken by someone with my device)

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