Foodie Adventures & Highlights: Thailand

I realized a week after posting about my Thailand adventures, that I’d written about the travel part, but not the foodie part (shame on me). So, here we go for my foodie adventures in Thailand (nicely smuggled in between two posts about Asia: the previous one about Kuala Lumpur and the next one which will be on Indonesia!)

Street food in Koh Phi Phi (2016)

I can’t say that Thai food is one of my favorite Asians (sorry not sorry), as there are just so many others to choose from, which appeal more to my taste buds more. That being said, I still enjoy Thai food, especially the typical pad Thai and tom yum soup. The two times I was in Thailand, I got to enjoy a bunch of different and tasty meals, mostly noodle based (love them noodles).


So, let’s start things off with pad Thai. Since I’ve been to Thailand twice and really enjoy this meal, its normal that I ate it plenty of times. Not all were memorable (let alone good), but they did all share something in common: they were a cheap eat (even if some cost twice as much as the others, when considered in Canadian dollars, they were all cheap). The best pad Thai I had was when I was last in Bangkok, thanks to a friend I met there, Isabella. She told me there was a restaurant who had the best pad Thai in town and that we had to go, so we went. Before the restaurant opened, it was impossible to find, partly because it had a metal garage type door covering it and because we didn’t ready Thai. Lucky for us, when we passed by for a second time, the restaurant was open and in full swing. I ordered a standard pad Thai, which was ready a few minutes later and served in a way I had never seen before: everything was covered in an extremely thin layer of omelet (except for the plate). All you had to do was to poke at it with your chop sticks, to uncover a deliciously prepared pad Thai.

Tom yum soup (Bangkok, 2012)

Next up, tom yum soup. I didn’t have the pleasure of eating this dish the second time around, but its yum. The broth is spicy and flavoured with coconut and can contain things like: noodles, chicken and shrimp.

Pad see ew (Koh Phi Phi, 2016)

As mentioned, I ate a variety of noodle dishes, whose names I don’t remember all. This one looks to be pad see ew, which is very similar to pad Thai but the noodles are much larger.

Seafood salad (Koh Phi Phi, 2016)

While in Koh Phi Phi last year, I got to eat this delicious cold seafood salad, that had shrimps, crab, vegetables and thin glass noodles. Very tasty.

Beef noodle soup (Koh Phi Phi, 2016)

I also ate this beef noodle soup while in Koh Phi Phi, which reminded me a lot of Vietnamese pho. At a price of about $2 CAD, it was delicious.

Soup (Bangkok, 2016)

Here’s another soup I ate while in Bangkok, for breakfast. This one too was similar to Vietnamese pho, but definitely not as tasty.

Shrimps and green veggies (Bangkok, 2012)

This dish is back from my 2012 trip and consists of shrimp and green veggies, covered in a clear and thick garlicky sauce. Reminded me a lot of something you could get in a Chinese restaurant.

Imperial rolls (Bangkok, 2012)

Also from my 2012 trip, not very typical food, but very yummy: imperial rolls.

Papaya salad (Bangkok, 2012)

Definitely more typical and also from my 2012 trip: a papaya salad.

Fried treats at Khao San Road (Bangkok, 2012)

And lastly, fried insects. I (un)fortunately didn’t get to taste any, but I hear they’re divine…

Wanna know more about Thailand? Click here for the travel aspect of my trip! And click here if you want a guide on how to travel SE Asia for 3 weeks, for less than $2000!

UP NEXT: my SE Asia adventures continue to Indonesia!

*All photos are my own (or taken by someone with my device)


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