First blog post

My two biggest passions, which I love to indulge in as often as possible, are travel and food. Before creating my blog, I was debating which of the two to focus on. Luckily for me, they can easily be paired together. My other interests, which I also plan to blog about, are: all kinds of DIY projects, the New England Patriots, fashion, flowers, historical biographies and more.

I can proudly say that to this day, I have travelled to 39 countries. Yes, I include a two-hour trip into Colombia from Ecuador, my birth in China of which I have no recollection, as well as the few hours I have spent in Monaco and San Marino. I do not, however, count the airport stops, even though certain airports allow you to sample the local culture (ex. Singapore).

If I had to trace back and determine what gave me my wanderlust, perhaps it was all of the summer vacations my family took every summer. We pretty much hit up every popular beach spot on the East Coast; Virginia Beach, Old Orchard Beach, Miami Beach, nc beach, as well as Walt Disney World. One summer, we even ventured as far out as the West Coast, visiting San Francisco, Death Valley, Las Vegas and Phoenix. If it wasn’t all of these family vacations, then it was definitely my grade ten school trip to France and Spain; my first big trip abroad and without any family members. Even though it happened more than 8 years ago, I can remember that feeling I had at the end of the trip, where I didn’t want it to end; I didn’t want to go back home. I have felt that feeling on all of my other trips, except for two (countries and reasons to be discussed in the future).

So, without further ado, here is my list (in chronological order) :

  1. China
  2. Canada
  3. USA
  4. France
  5. Spain
  6. Peru
  7. Cuba
  8. Greece
  9. England
  10. Switzerland
  11. Monaco
  12. Italy
  13. Vatican City
  14. Austria
  15. Slovakia
  16. Hungary
  17. Poland
  18. Czech Republic
  19. Germany
  20. Netherlands
  21. Belgium
  22. Australia
  23. Thailand
  24. Cambodia
  25. Vietnam
  26. San Marino
  27. South Korea
  28. Mongolia
  29. Serbia
  30. Bosnia
  31. Croatia
  32. Portugal
  33. Morocco
  34. Malaysia
  35. Indonesia
  36. Belize
  37. Mexico
  38. Ecuador
  39. Colombia

In my blog, I plan on recounting various places I’ve been to and making recommendations and suggestions. As some of these trips have taken place more than 7 years ago, I will do my best to be as accurate as I can. This goes without saying that I will rarely be able to offer a play-by-play of how to do things, like getting yourself from one place to another. Rather, I wish to share my experiences and highlight the places I have enjoyed the most and thus would recommend that others visit.

So, now for my second passion: food. Like many others, I have succumbed to the foodie frenzy. For the past year or so, I have been trying to actively post on my Instagram account, without breaking the bank. It hasn’t been too bad, especially since my boyfriend and I moved in together this past summer and have been cooking up a storm together. Yes, I love to eat, eat at restaurants and take pictures of beautifully plated dishes, but I also love to cook my own meals, take some snaps and then enjoy them. I have to admit though, I’m a bit of a picky eater; some, like my boyfriend, would even say quite picky. I guess we can say that I’m a selective foodie?🙂

My favorite cuisines include: Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Middle Eastern and American. Some of my all-time favorite dishes are: pho, all pasta dishes, anything-with-seafood, pizza, dumplings, sashimi, sushi and many more. For my blog, I intend on sharing my culinary adventures from my own kitchen, the local restaurants I always go back to in my hometown of Montréal, the new discoveries I make and the restaurants and meals I have been fortunate enough to experience on my travels.

In the end, I hope to be able to combine my two passions into one blog in a somewhat ordained manner. If you are reading this first post, hopefully you too will enjoy it🙂 Besides, who doesn’t love to eat AND travel nowadays?

So, now that my first blog post is complete, what would you like for me to write about next? Food, travel or both?🙂

*Above photo: octopus tacos, shrimp quesadillas and beers at Papaya Playa Beach, Tulum, Mexico – I thought it would be fitting to choose a photo that combines food and travel for my first blog post

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